With strong focus and knowledge in each sector, WTA shares the latest research and points of view on the emerging trends as well as industry-specific performance benchmarks we developed, based on global best practices. We also share methodologies and approaches in complex areas such as financial instruments and tax provisioning. Furthermore, our network is available to advise on accounting as well as technical issues that are unique to each industry, especially so when interpretive guidance is needed. We know that value and trust are the ingredients for a quality relationship and that they are earned over continuous, constructive engagements. Regardless of the scale and the industry of your business, we listen to various points of view, helping you find business solutions, identify and maximise opportunities, improve efficiency and ultimately, achieve your goals.

Business & Financial Consulting

  • Corporate Recovery
  • Member’s Voluntary Winding Up
  • Creditors’ Voluntary Winding Up
  • Court Winding Up

Accounting Services

  • Monthly Entry Service
  • Annual Compilation Service
  • Payment Service
  • Banking Payment Service

Secretarial Service

  • Setting up of new companies
  • Permit Renewal Service
  • MIC Service & SEZ Service
  • Public Companies Incorporation Service