Win Thin & Associates has been regarded as a standard of excellence in the auditing industry in Myanmar for more than 58 years, ever since it was founded in 1958 by U Win Thin. Win Thin & Associates was established in 1958. Our firm’s founder and current chairman, U Win Thin, is responsible for the significant contributions that our organization has made to the expansion of Myanmar’s auditing industry.

Without U Win Thin’s unparalleled zeal for auditing and his unwavering dedication to mentoring more junior members of our staff, our firm never would have reached the point where it is now. Not only does he want to pass on to the next generation the vast amount of knowledge and experience that he has accumulated over the course of his career, but he also wants to assist Myanmar auditors in becoming recognized and respected by their contemporaries all over the world. Our business takes great pride in the fact that it was instrumental in the education and growth of a significant number of professionals who are now influential figures in the auditing industry in Myanmar.

In the year 1995, Arthur Andersen & Co., S.C. (AA) entrusted our firm with the responsibility of acting as the sole representative of the firm in the country of Myanmar. Because of this partnership, we were able to gain access to cutting-edge auditing techniques as well as extensive training, which helped us to further improve our services.

After those two years, in 1997, our firm made the business decision to narrow its focus to accounting and auditing exclusively. We moved our consulting business over to SGV-WINTHIN Consulting Ltd., which is a partnership with SGV International Ltd. of Hong Kong. SGV International Ltd. is a subsidiary of SGV & Co. of the Philippines. This new firm offered a variety of services in addition to our core auditing services, such as business advisory services, tax services, economic and financial consulting, and business consulting.

Since then, we have continued to evolve, always striving to offer the best services to our clients. After the withdrawal of SGV, our consulting arm was seamlessly transitioned to WIN Consulting Ltd., ensuring our clients continued to receive comprehensive support for all their business needs.

At Win Thin & Associates, our commitment to excellence, dedication to mentorship, and passion for auditing remain as strong as ever. We continue to contribute to the development of Myanmar’s auditing field by fostering the next generation of auditors and striving to achieve U Win Thin’s dream of international recognition for Myanmar auditors.

Our Mission

To engage with our clients and our people to deliver the best service and quality in everything we do.